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Science in Manarat

Why teach science in the primary 1,2,3

  •  A good knowledge of science gained in primary 1,2,3 prepares children to do well in their more formal science education at primary  4,5,6.
  •  Science is a way of thinking, not just a body of knowledge, through science children becomes aware of environmental issues.
  •  Basic scientific knowledge of the human body, living things, and healthy food to children's developing awareness of themselves. 
  •  This knowledge will help them to make healthy choice, to keep safe and to solve problems. 
  •  Investigation based science learning develops children's curiosity, problem, solving, practical and communication skills. 
  •  When children carry out practical tasks it is helpful to highlight the scientific skills they are using. 
  •  We encourage children to be a leader and work in a team.
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