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Maths in Manarat

The general aims of teaching mathematics:
By the end of the stage the student should be able to know:
1-Some geometric concepts (Line segment- Straight line – Ray – Angle).
2-Some shapes like (rectangle – circle – Square …….).
3-Some solids like (Cube – Cuboid - Sphere ………..).
4-For some units of measuring (Area – weight – time – Volume – Length).
5-Area and volume of some geometric shapes and solids.
6-The development of the ability to use sound methods of thinking.
7-The development of problem solving skills within the limits of mental age of the student.
8- Mastering ( Acquiring ) the following skills :
a- Reading and writing the nature numbers , Fractions and operations on it.
b-Using the geometric instruments to draw geometrical shapes.
c-Using the measuring units and its conversions.
d-Using mathematical symbols and definitions .
e-Reading and explanation the data.
9-The discovery of numerical and visual patterns.
10-The positive trend towards the development of mathematics.
11-Development of belonging to the nation by highlighting the progress and achievements of the Egyptians in various fields old and newly whenever it had the opportunity to.
12- Mastering of values , attitudes and social background sound like precision , older and self-reduction , Confidence and safety.


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