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Computer in Manarat

The mission of teaching computer and information technology (Primary & prep stage)

1. Providing Students with the basic knowledge and skills of information technology.

2. Developing the basic scientific & critical thinking skills.

3. Using new techniques, multimedia and networking.

4. Making good use of information technology for achieving integration with other resources.

5. Developing self-education skills to reach the correct information while using computer.

6. Raising awareness of the importance of using computer & information technology in different fields in our life.

7. Knowing safety use of information technology.

8. Raising teachers' awareness of information ethics and intellectual property rights.

9. Developing the awareness of the second generation concept of Web services.

10-Through the usage of TECHNOKIDS international curriculum , manarat students are taught how to complete

technology projects , theme - related activities.These projects help students become powerful technology users while

developing the problem solving skills , self confidence , and positive attitudes that will make them the social and

business leaders of tomorrow.

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