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Why Manarat El Mostaqbal

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

إقرأ باسم ربك الذى خلق * خلق الإنسان من علق * إقرأ و ربك الأكرم * الذى علم بالقلم * علم الانسان ما لم يعلم * صدق الله العظيم

"Read! In the name of your lord, who has created all that exists# Has created man from a clot # Read! And your lord is

the most generous # who has taught by the pen # Has taught man that which he knew not"

Following the words of Allah ( mighty and sublime be He ), where He ordered us to desire education and care for

knowledge , all fathers and mothers are extremely concerned about the education of their children. The journey of

education starts with the selection of the most appropriate and trustworthy place where the children would receive doses

of education, ethics, religion and activities that would prepare them to confront the challenges of the future.

Why Manarat Al-Mostaqbal ?

It is the lighthouse which lights up the route of our young generation and leads them to prosperity and welfare by means of:

1-Elite teachers with highest degree of competency, knowledge and personal attribute which allow them to build a

civilized conscious generation. Manarat Al-Mostaqbal is always keen on developing its human resources with continuous training.

2-A special designed building in which the location, the engineering design, and the modern equipped classrooms collaborate in creating the appropriate atmosphere for our students to receive knowledge and education.

3-Special lessons assigned for students to start their daily homework under the supervision of the teaching staff in order to minimize the load at home.

4-Science and Computer laboratories, Playgrounds and Gymnasium, Multimedia lab and School theater.

5-Manarat Al-Mostaqbal while granting education great attention, it offers great care to developing the personal talents

and abilities of its students through several human development programs carried out by specialized teachers in this field.

6-Manarat Al-Mostaqbal offers its students throughout the academic year as well as during the summer period a variety

of activities such as different sports,, and etiquette.

7-Besides qualifying our students to confront practical life, we do support them with faith and strong belief by constant lessons to learn and memorize the Holy Quran and congregation prayers.

This way Manarat Al-Mostaqbal and its entire staff can provide our young generation with the necessary supply of education, religion, and activity that are considered the foundation of building a flawless perfect character.

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