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Our Vision

To provide a quality educational service at international standards that prepares a morally upright and creative generation capable of building and developing our nation.  

Core Value - Excellence

Inspiring initiative, determination, self-confidence, empathy and the love to learn and advance--qualities needed for success in any endeavor:  whether academic, career or community service.  

Core Value - Leadership

Instilling the qualities needed for our students to lead the future.

Core Value - Balance

 Utilizing curriculums and standards while preserving and nurturing our identity and culture  

Our Mission

To hire qualified teachers and provide them with on going professional development  to foster and maintain a supportive learning environment.  As we advance and strengthen our education with American curriculums and standards, we take pride in our identity and keep our culture alive.    

Everyone is an Achiever

Our School motto and our belief.    

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Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.

Our History

In 1971 Manarat Schools were first founded in Saudi Arabia by the Shawy Family in the response to the lack of Quality Educational Facilities at the time.

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School News

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