Ask about Montessori

Do you have any questions about Montessori Education? You may have heard 'Montessori' mentioned and wondered what it's all about. You may know quite a bit about it but would like to know more. Or, maybe it's something you would seriously consider for your child but need some answers to important questions before you make up your mind. Well, Manarat El Mostaqbal American School realizes that as a concerned parent you need to feel satisfied that your questions are answered by someone who has the knowledge and experience to explain anything you would like to know about Montessori education.

We invite you to ask us any questions that you want answered, or to share any concerns, about Montessori using the following form:

Your questions will be answered during our talk "Montessori in Depth: Your Questions Answered" and we will also share with you what we find so exciting about Montessori education.  

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