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Why choose a Montessori School?

What is Montessori Education?
At Manarat el Mostaqbal we have the honour of offering the full Montessori 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 programs to our students.

Montessori is an approach to education based upon the principle that schooling should work with the nature of the child instead of against it. In the Montessori classroom children choose their activities from open shelves with self-correcting materials and work in distinct work areas – on tables or on rugs on the floor. Over a period of time, the children develop into a “normalized community” working with high concentration and few interruptions.


The Montessori classroom includes the following components:

• The practical life exercises enhance the development of task organization and cognitive order through care of self, care of the environment, exercises of grace and courtesy, and refinement of physical movement and coordination.

• The sensorial materials enable the child to order, classify, and describe sensory impressions in relation, length, width, temperature, mass, color, etc.

• The math materials are concrete manipulative materials which allow the child to internalize the concepts of number, symbol, sequence, operations, and memorization of basic facts.

• The language work includes oral language development, written expression, phonics, reading, study of grammar, and children’s literature. Basic skills in writing and reading are developed through the use of sandpaper letters, movable alphabet letters and various attractive materials which allow children to effortlessly link sounds and symbols.

• The child is also presented with materials which bring geography, history and science to life.


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