School Code of Conduct

School Code of Conduct


An important part of your education is learning to make correct decisions and to accept responsibility for your behavior. To protect your rights and the rights of others, student behavior guidelines have been established.


If you come to school with a positive attitude to learn and to take part in school activities, you will not have problems with these school rules governing student behavior. Students, parents and school share the responsibility for creating the best possible school setting.


Each of the teachers has a classroom discipline plan for their class. This plan includes a list of expected behaviors. Positive behavior is recognized and encouraged through a system of classroom and school rewards; there is also an established system of consequences for misbehavior.


At the beginning of the school year, each student is given a copy of the School Rules and Discipline Policy. Teachers and students discuss these at length, and the student and parent sign and agree to abide by the policies. These rules and strategies, coupled with problem-solving situations, afford a positive way for students to develop their interpersonal skills.




In order to facilitate a positive, equitable, and safe learning environment, Manarat School has adopted a leveled discipline plan to address student misbehavior. Behaviors and consequences not listed below will be handled according to administrator decision.


Attitude and Behavior Procedures at Manarat American


All Behaviors will be reported on an incident slip by the teacher who witnessed the incident, followed up by the supervisor and discipline committee. Serious Misdemeanors should be reported to the Principal.

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