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Uniform Policy

All In order to create a consistent and safe environment free of distractions, the school has developed a Dress Code and supporting Uniform Policy. This Dress Code offers an enhanced focus on academics and provides our students with a learning atmosphere free of “personal appearance” distractions. Our goal is to increase student academic achievement through all of our school programs
Manarat students are required to be in uniform at school.
1- Navy blue sweat pants with school logo.
2- Green polo shirt with school logo.
3- Black, grey, navy blue shoes (No Ballerinas, open toed, open back, fluorescent to be worn on school grounds.
4- White, green or blue scarves are allowed for vailed students (floral, fluorescent, multi colored scarves are not allowed)
5- Only uniform approved Navy blue sweaters, sweatshirts, or fleece jackets.
Washable tattoos are not allowed.
Students are not to wear make-up in school, (lip stick, lip gloss, nail polish, mascara, eye liner etc.) The school reserves the right to address any situation that they deem to be inappropriate.
Students are not allowed to wear expensive, large jewelry to school, (rings, chains, bracelets, broaches, pins, charms, etc.) The school reserves the right to address any situation that they deem to be inappropriate and will be confiscated till the end of the quarter.
Should be neatly groomed at all times and tied up hair for girls with no accessories. No hats or bandanas are allowed to be worn on school grounds.
Any student wearing a hairstyle that is judged by the school administration as a distraction to others will be removed from class and a conference with the parents will be required.

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