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Curriculum and Studies

How is the American methodology different than the Egyptian schooling system?

The American system provides a flexible curriculum based on international standards.  It is designed to develop student skills, encourage critical thinking and enhance teamwork and leadership skills.

Will my child need private tutoring?

No, Manarat El Mostaqbal American School provides individualized counseling and academic support to all students.  Teachers and staff make the utmost effort to ensure that the gifted students, the driven students who excel academically, and the students with learning or physical disabilities, all receive the care and instruction they need to excel and reach their full potentials.

Is there any special focus on the Arabic & Islamic Studies subjects?

Yes, not only are Arabic and Islamic Studies integral parts of our curriculum, they are the pillars on which the school is built.  Our modern teaching techniques and activities assist students in gaining deeper understandings, which in turn allows them to excel in our main goal:  real life applications beyond the classroom.

Is it true that math is more rigorous in the national curriculum?

In general yes, but at Manarat El Mostaqbal we implement a specially designed math track that raises the mathematical skills of the students so as to be competitive and with any other high school and prepares them for any local or international university.

What are the minimum course requirements for graduation?

To graduate, students must complete a program of studies from grades 9 to 12, during which time they must complete at least 24 credits.  Students are allowed some liberty in the distribution of their course loads during those four years.

College Entrance

Will students who want to go to a public Egyptian university need to declare their path of study (Liberal Arts, Science or Math)? If so, when? 

Students who are interested in public Egyptian universities will need to declare in which of the three branches they are interested in grade 11. 

What is the difference between SAT I & SAT II?

Both the SAT I and II are not required for graduation, rather they are standardized tests on which universities base their evaluation of students for admission.

SAT I is required for university admission.  It tests the basic skills in English and math, that are necessary for success in college.

SAT II tests specific subjects (biology, chemistry, high-level math, etc.)  Not all departments and colleges require subject tests.

May my child take the SAT exam more than once or only once like the national exam?

The exam is offered several times throughout the year and students may take the exam as many times as they like.

What are the requirements for admission to universities?

Every university differs, but you can follow the main broad requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education:


General FAQ

1-  What makes the school unique? What is the school’s philosophy for students my child’s age?

  • Utilizing American curriculum and standards while preserving and nurturing our identity and culture.
  • At Manarat El Mostaqbal all the administration staff, students, and parents are like one big family. We are the second home for our students. Manarat El Mostaqbal American school is keen to build up students' characters based on high manners and high education

2-  What is your curriculum?

  • We implement a strong curriculum based on international standards and benchmarks, carefully selected books that is a collection of Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, Glencoe and Holt.

3-  What facilities and equipment does the school offer?

The school's campus facilities comprise:

-1 spacious library

-One indoor lunch cafeteria.


-Extensive outdoor play areas.-

-A basketball court, a volleyball & tennis court, football court, and a running  track

-Student Lockers for all Classrooms

-Music Room

-Spacious Art room

-Science and Computer Labs

-Health Clinic 

-Spacious Classrooms

-A spacious theater

-School Book Store

-Buses covering all Cairo zones

4- How does the school challenge and support students achievement and leadership?

Our Beliefs:

-We believe that student activities are a vital part of education.

-We believe that participation in a well-organized and diverse program of activities under the direction of well-qualified advisors provides students with opportunities to learn critical lessons in leadership, communication, team-work, decision-making, and individual potential.

-We believe that the activities program enhances and complements the academic programs.

-We believe that our students should be assisted to achieve a manageable balance of activities and academics. 

5-     Thus, the school has taken the following steps to ensure students’ achievement and leadership:

A - The student Council                                 

The Student Council plays an active role as it has been responsible for 4 main committees:

-      Fundraising Committee

-      Charity Committee

-      Trips & Events Committee

-      Social Awareness Committee

B-  Participation in Administrative Issues:

Students are also allowed to participate in several activities prearranged by the administration, such as organization of trips, fun days, annual shows and graduation parties. Students write the advertising brochures, make sure that other students are well-informed of the event. Furthermore, they take part in organizing and monitoring the event during its execution.

5- What extracurricular and co-curricular are available?

-Several clubs were created as extracurricular activities. Among the clubs are English/Arabic/ second language talents clubs where students prepare, practice, and perform plays and songs.

-In addition, the students Journalism team is assigned to cover the schools’ events, along with other major events worldwide.

5-     How does the school encourage involvement amongst parents, teachers and students?

We encourage involvement among parents, students and teachers through school events:

  • Field Trips
  • Fun Days
  • Seasonal Festivals
  • Sports Days
  • Water Days
  • Annual Shows and Extra-Curricular Clubs Shows
  • Parents Meeting
  • Open Houses
  • Annual Shows


6-     Ask for an outline of the school calendar. How long is the school day and the school year?

7:30 am Students are lined up for morning assembly

7:50 am Classes begin

3:30 pm Dismissal

Three Breaks ( Snack Break , Lunch break , Prayer Break )


7-       What is the admission process for my child? When and how do I apply? Does the school have specific intake years? Is there a waiting list?

Admission Procedures

 New students seeking enrollment should follow these general guidelines:

  • Pay the admission fees
  • Sit for an admission exam
  • If accepted, Submit the following documents to the Registrar’s Office

Completed Application Form:

  • Academic Reports
  • Copy of student and parent Passports (Non – Egyptians)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (Egyptians)
  • Copy of parents ID (Egyptians)
  • 6 Photographs

Students will then make an appointment to sit for the Manarat el Mostaqbal American School placement test in English and Math. The Placement examination and writing sample are reviewed and evaluated by the test administrator and the admissions committee, and then submitted to the administration for a decision. Criteria such as date of birth, performance at previous schools, will be used to reach a decision for admission. Once students are accepted, the fees according to the attached fees details must be paid to ensure enrollment at Manarat el Mostaqbal American School.

When students satisfy the admission requirements, but no space is available at that time in that grade level, they are placed on a waiting list for that grade in a chronological order according to the date of their acceptance and registration.

The acceptance of the Admission Application Contract agreement for a new student shall form a contract between the parties and the applicant agrees to follow the rules and regulations of the school.

Students are accepted for the entire school year, reservations are made for SPACE at Manarat el Mostaqbal American School and not days of attendance. Parents will be held responsible and agree to pay for tuition fees and other charges the entire school year.

Students enroll after the beginning of the school year, are accepted for the remainder of the school year when space is available. Parents agree to pay the tuition fees determined by the administration.

Tuition fees and other charges will NOT be refunded for students who are dismissed, asked to withdraw or leave of their own free will. Any money due to Manarat el Mostaqbal American School at the time of withdraw will be payable at that time. No grades or transcripts will be released until the account is cleared.

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