Students will then make an appointment to sit for the Manarat el Mostaqbal American School placement test in English and Math. The Placement examination and writing sample are reviewed and evaluated by the test administrator and the admissions committee, and then submitted to the administration for a decision. Criteria such as date of birth, performance at previous schools, will be used to reach a decision for admission. Once students are accepted, the fees according to the attached fees details must be paid to ensure enrollment at Manarat el Mostaqbal American School.

When students satisfy the admission requirements, but no space is available at that time in that grade level, they are placed on a waiting list for that grade in a chronological order according to the date of their acceptance and registration.

The acceptance of the Admission Application Contract agreement for a new student shall form a contract between the parties and the applicant agrees to follow the rules and regulations of the school.

Students are accepted for the entire school year, reservations are made for SPACE at Manarat el Mostaqbal American School and not days of attendance. Parents will be held responsible and agree to pay for tuition fees and other charges the entire school year.

Students enroll after the beginning of the school year, are accepted for the remainder of the school year when space is available. Parents agree to pay the tuition fees determined by the administration.

Tuition fees and other charges will NOT be refunded for students who are dismissed, asked to withdraw or leave of their own free will. Any money due to Manarat el Mostaqbal American School at the time of withdraw will be payable at that time. No grades or transcripts will be released until the account is cleared.


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