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Learning Outcomes

It is our desire that students attending Manarat el Mostaqbal American School will be passionate about lifelong learning.

It is our expectation that our students will gain experience in, and consistently achieve the following


Communicate effectively as listeners, speakers, readers and writers through auditory, visual, physical or digital means to a range of audiences for a range of purposes.
Demonstrate collaborative communication skills.
Use appropriate technology to communicate effectively.


Think analytically, strategically, critically, creatively, independently and collaboratively.
Problem solve through acquisition, integration and successful application of content/learning.
Adapt to various learning situations by using strategies such as curiosity, flexibility, open-mindedness, and divergent thinking and informed risk‐taking.
Reflect on the actions and thinking of self and others.


Caretaking / Caregiving
Demonstrate consistently the Manarat El Mostaqbal American school core values of Leadership, Identity & Belonging, responsibility, respect and integrity.
Demonstrate caring and compassion for self, community and the world.
Demonstrate global citizenship by showing cultural awareness, respect, and empathy: social responsibility and service; and environmental integrity and action.
Demonstrate positive educational abilities, skills and habits of mind such as:
perseverance, planning and organization, initiative, leadership, self‐discipline, teaming and cooperation, sense of humor, and making healthy life‐style choices.


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