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Clubs & Activities

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that student activities are a vital part of education.
  • We believe that participation in a well-organized and diverse program of activities under the direction of well-qualified advisors provides students with opportunities to learn critical lessons in leadership, communication, team-work, decision-making, and individual potential.

  • We believe that the activities program enhances and complements the academic programs.

  • We believe that our students should be assisted to achieve a manageable balance of activities and academics.


Clubs List

English reading Club 

 offers Help to students who need extra academic help in languages.

Sports Teams 

This consists of all available Sport teams. After Screening these teams represent the school in any sports event in or outside the school.


Here students learn how to write in different types and styles, producing calligraphic posters

Young Entrepreneur

This activity aims to train students to take advantage of raw materials to produce other useful products

French life 

This club is for girls to create for them a code of conduct for acceptable behavior in society, These include the manner of dressing, social interactive and public conduct.

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Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.
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